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This message is being written on behalf of Greg & Jeff Dunnagan because we are so pleased with their work. These two men are masters at what they do. I’ve been in the Corporate World over 50 years and it’s not very often I run into men with all the qualities these two have, knowing their job to the fullest and can trust their judgment in whatever you have them do.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then all you have to do is give Kathy or I a call and we can show you two different projects we had them do. My wife and I are receiving no considerations for this recommendation; in fact we hardly ever recommend any one.

Dick and Kathy

Godfrey, IL

If anyone is looking for exceptional work, these are the guys to go to.  Greg has worked for most of his life building homes, etc. He is a perfectionist.  I wouldn't let anyone in to my home to do the work that they did,that's how sureI am of their work.  They redid our bathroom and all the floors in our house and all of it is great.  I'm sure anyone who tries them would be very satisfied with their work!. 


Alton, IL



4008 Stanka Lane
Godfrey IL 62035
(618) 208-0525

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